Born 1976 in Hälsingland, Sweden. Now living and painting in Stockholm . I started painting in January 2013, I tried to find something else to do for me and my daughter then just watch TV at night, so I went to the crafts store and got us a acrylic starter set. I continued painting, and she continued watching TV 😉

This is my hobby, when I come home from work I put my stained clothes on and dissapear in to my painting room. I paint what I feel like in the very moment, I have no surten “style”, Im still in a “try it out progress”   still and maybe will be for some years 🙂 I love wine, I love dine, and I love LOVE. I am a cancer survivor, this shows in some of my paintings, otherwise my mind is wide open. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any, what ever kind of questions! I am an expert at inherrited breast and uterus cancer, if you don’t have any questions about my art 😉

Första målarkvällen
The very very first painting night
Absolut första tavlan
The very very first painting 🙂 Not the best one…but the first. Always something.



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  1. This is so special! Your artwork is so unique, one never nows what next picture will be. Always a joyous surprise! Continue to create, you are touching many lives!! Cyanne would like to buy the Golden Earings picture. So loves it! The lady with the poofy hair, she calls it. Please let me know how much my lovely picture and this one will be. Do you have swish?

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